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AB 48 Compliance

Received A Compliance Inspection Letter

From BPPE?

If so, EAI is uniquely positioned to help ensure your school is in compliance with the BPPE laws (California Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009, also known as AB 48) and regulations (final regulations effective October 19, 2011).    

Does Your School Need AB 48 Compliance Help?

Educational Advisors is offering a special compliance review 'tune-up' service designed specifically for private postsecondary educational institutions operating in California.  

The program includes a review of your school's catalog, enrollment agreement, and student disclosures by the compliance experts at Educational Advisors.  We will identify any areas that need revisions and recommend solutions.

The Educational Advisors AB 48 Compliance Review is a simple, quick, and affordable way for your school to be in compliance with AB 48, the California Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009.

AB 48 : What You Know

If your school was approved before June 30, 2007, then your approval will continue to be valid for three calendar years after the expiration date of the approval, as it read on June 30, 2007.  For example, if your approval expired December 31, 2008, then it will now be extended to December 31, 2011.

If your school had an application to renew approval pending at the former Bureau, your approval is as follows:

  1. Schools with applications received prior to January 1, 2006 are approved to operate until the expiration date (mm/dd) on the current approval document until 2012.

  2. Schools with applications received after to January 1, 2006 are approved to operate until the expiration date (mm/dd) on the current approval document until 2013.

If your school had an application for approval pending or opened after June 30, 2007, you have 6 months after the application is made available by the Bureau to apply for approval.

School documents and compliance history records will be posted on the Bureau website.

If your school is accredited, it will be approved to operate based on its accreditation, and substantive changes will be done by your school's accreditor, not the Bureau.

AB 48 : What You May Not Know

A school may not require a prospective student to provide contact information in order to obtain, from the institution's website, educational program information that is required to be contained in the school catalog or any information required pursuant to consumer information requirements of Title IV.

School recruiters must be employees of the school, the school shall issue identification to each recruiter identifying the recruiter and school, and the recruiter shall have the issued identification with him or her while recruiting.  "Recruiter" means an employee of an institution whose principal job responsibilities are the recruitment of students other than on the institution's premises.

The record-keeping requirements of AB 48 shall not apply to an institution that is accredited, if the record-keeping requirements of the accrediting organization are substantially similar to the record-keeping requirements of the law, as determined by BPPE.

 The AB 48 Compliance Review

Our AB 48 Compliance Review will help determine the compliance and accuracy of your school's catalog and enrollment agreement.  It will also ensure you are aware of the new information required for the School Performance Fact Sheet and Student Disclosures. 

Please contact us to schedule your AB 48 Compliance Review.