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6 college admissions experts share their biggest predictions for 2023

6 college admissions experts share their biggest predictions for 2023

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Jeremy Bauer-Wolf
January 23, 2023
A pending Supreme Court ruling on race-conscious admissions and other shifts like ChatGPT’s effects on application essays could upend the landscape.
College admissions remains volatile in 2023. Massive shifts — like a widely expected ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court that would restrict race-conscious admissions — threaten to stretch an already overworked field.
To keep up with the rapidly changing environment, we posed one question to six experts: What admissions trend do you expect to see in 2023?
Rick Clark – Assistant vice provost and executive director of undergraduate admissions at the Georgia Institute of Technology
Heath Einstein – Dean of admissions at Texas Christian University
Angel Perez – Chief executive officer of the National Association for College Admission Counseling
Jenny Rickard – President and chief executive officer of the Common App
Bob Schaeffer – Public education director at FairTest
Whitney Soule – Vice provost and dean of admissions at the University of Pennsylvania
Their written responses are below, lightly edited for brevity and clarity.
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