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A leading provider of customized solutions and consulting services to educational institutions.

EA offers services that assist private post-secondary schools in their never-ending struggle to achieve and maintain acceptable compliance levels with state, federal and accrediting agencies.

Through its Education Advisors network of professionals, schools are provided with unparalleled expertise and service on matters of risk management, compliance and regulatory challenges, workforce and business needs, and administrative and functional problem-solving.

EA goes beyond the traditional role of school experts and firms offering performance audits.

We have created a specialized risk analysis and risk management system designed specifically for private post-secondary schools.

It is not enough to know where you may not be in compliance, but instead to know whether the non-compliance areas present an immediate or future risk of state or accrediting agency sanctions and what you can do to manage the identified risk areas.

Don’t settle for identified problems without recommended corrective actions. EA offers analysis and solutions to your school performance issues.

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We have worked with schools across the nation who are accredited by national and regional agencies such as:

National Association of Schools of Art and Design