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ACE, Higher Education Associations Advocate for Restoring Open Internet Rules

ACE, Higher Education Associations Advocate for Restoring Open Internet Rules

American Council on Education

December 18, 2023
​ACE and 17 other associations sent a letter Dec. 14 supporting a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proposal to restore open Internet rules—known as “net neutrality”—that would allow the agency to categorize high-speed Internet as a utility, like water or electricity, and regulate broadband providers.
“Students, institutions of higher education, and libraries have a stake in the Internet, and it is imperative that the Internet remains open and free,” the groups wrote.
In 2015, the FCC, under the Obama administration, established open Internet rules, but reversed them in 2017 under the Trump administration. On Sept. 28, the FCC released a public draft of a proposed rule that would reestablish its authority over broadband Internet.
The organizations in the letter emphasized the importance of a free and open Internet for higher education and advocated for the restoration of net neutrality.
“We proudly support that the FCC is moving forward to restore net neutrality and ensure an open and free Internet,” the groups stated.
The FCC voted to advance the proposal in October and will review public comments before taking a final vote, which is expected next year. To read the full letter, click here.
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