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AMTA Files Lawsuit to Save the 150% Rule

AMTA Files Lawsuit to Save the 150% Rule

American Massage Therapy Association 

We are taking action to support accessible and affordable education for massage therapy students!
On behalf of the massage therapy profession, AMTA has taken action and filed a federal lawsuit challenging a new Department of Education (DoEd) rule eliminating the longstanding “150% rule” for federal financial aid for massage therapy students and schools. On June 7, the complaintmotion for preliminary injunction, and brief were filed in federal district court in Washington, D.C. AMTA’s challenge to the new rule, scheduled to go into effect on July 1, seeks to delay its implementation in an effort to overturn the new rule completely and reinstate the 150% rule.
Calling All School Owners and Administrators
If your school will be affected by the new rule, we encourage you, as a school owner or administrator, to reach out and share with us how your school and students would be negatively impacted.
How Will This New Rule Affect Schools?
The new rule issued by the U.S. DoEd on October 31, 2023, could significantly impact massage therapy schools by abolishing the 150% rule. Under the 150% rule, massage schools and programs are permitted to provide clock hours up to 150% above the state minimum requirements for licensure, without jeopardizing a student’s eligibility to receive federal financial aid. Without intervention, the 150% rule will be eliminated in July 2024.
Under the new regulations, massage therapy programs would be ineligible for the full array of Title IV federal financial aid, specifically the Pell Grant, if they exceed the state-mandated minimum hours. This could greatly reduce the supply of massage therapy graduates entering the workforce. 
We will keep you informed on our efforts as this lawsuit moves forward and we continue to navigate this important issue affecting massage schools. AMTA remains committed to fighting for massage therapy schools, students and the entire profession!
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