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Biden emails nearly 1 million student loan borrowers to take credit for debt forgiveness

Biden emails nearly 1 million student loan borrowers to take credit for debt forgiveness

Washington Examiner

Christian Datoc, White House Reporter
November 28, 2023
President Joe Biden sent an email Tuesday to nearly 1 million student borrowers alerting them that their loans had been forgiven through steps he has taken over the past three years.
Biden’s email was sent to 813,000 borrowers whose loans had previously been forgiven by Biden’s actions, according to the White House. White House officials did not answer questions on how the borrowers had been selected to receive an email from the president.
“For too long, the student loan program failed to live up to its commitments — and millions like you never got the relief you were owed because of errors and administrative failures,” Biden wrote in the email. “I vowed to fix that, and I’m proud that my administration has delivered on that promise.”
“I hope this relief gives you a little more breathing room,” the president continued. “I’ve heard from countless people who have told me that relieving the burden of student loan debt will allow them to support themselves and their families, or move forward with life plans they’ve put on hold.”
The Biden administration has thus far canceled $127 billion in loan debt for nearly 3.6 million borrowers. In August, after the Supreme Court’s decision striking down Biden’s unilateral student loan debt forgiveness, the White House rolled out the “SAVE” debt forgiveness plan and additional amendments to income-driven repayment programs.
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