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Bipartisan Group of Lawmakers Releases Stimulus Bill Compromise

Bipartisan Group of Lawmakers Releases Stimulus Bill Compromise


Owen Daugherty, NASFAA Staff Reporter
September 17, 2020
A bipartisan House caucus on Tuesday released what it’s billing as the “March To Common Ground” plan to serve as a possible COVID-19 relief package as Congress is locked in a stalemate over another piece of legislation to respond to the ongoing pandemic.
The House Problem Solvers Caucus — made up of 25 Republicans and 25 Democrats — released the framework, which calls for up to $2 trillion to address a variety of needs, with $30 billion to be directed toward higher education.
The proposal serves as the most recent step toward a bipartisan compromise, as both Democrats’ and Republican’s proposals have failed to pass both chambers and negotiations between the White House and Democratic leadership have been stalled for weeks, with hope dwindling that any legislation could get passed before the November election.
“Americans deserve a functioning Congress that can rise to the challenge and deliver the relief they need,” caucus Co-Chair Rep. Tom Reed (R-N.Y.) said in a release. “Our framework reflects months of bipartisan consensus-building on the actions the federal government can take to help working families and local communities across the country as they navigate the impacts of COVID-19. We are hopeful this package will help bring lead negotiations back to the table as we try to solve this problem for the American people.”
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