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Career Education Schools Move to Intervene in Sweet v. Cardona

Career Education Schools Move to Intervene in Sweet v. Cardona

Career Education Colleges and Universities | CECU

Arlington, VA – Today, career education schools have moved to intervene in Sweet v. Cardona to ensure that their interests and rights, as well as the interests and rights of institutions, students, and taxpayers across the country, are represented and protected.
“The U.S. Department of Education’s proposed settlement would grant debt cancellation relief to hundreds of thousands of borrowers without providing a meaningful process for assessing those borrower defense claims, and without giving all stakeholders a seat at the table to ensure that the outcome is fair and just for students, institutions, and taxpayers,” said CECU’s President and CEO, Dr. Jason Altmire. “In those instances when students allege that they have been defrauded, there should be a careful and thoughtful process in place that addresses those allegations and seeks to fairly resolve any claims. A fair and transparent claims resolution process that involves all stakeholders will establish a helpful precedent for managing future borrower defense claims.”
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