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CECU Admitted to Exclusive Higher Education Leaders Association

CECU Admitted to Exclusive Higher Education Leaders Association

Career Education Colleges and Universities (CECU)

CECU Admitted to Exclusive Higher Education Leaders Association
​Career Education Colleges and Universities, the national association representing the proprietary sector of higher education, is pleased to announce its acceptance into the influential Washington Higher Education Secretariat (Secretariat). The Secretariat is coordinated by the Office of the President of the American Council on Education and, at present, is comprised of 58 national higher education associations representing different sectors and functions in postsecondary education.
Established in 1962, the primary purpose of the Secretariat is to provide a forum for association chief executives to consider and respond to issues and trends confronting postsecondary education. Additionally, the Secretariat also studies specific issues through working groups and provides opportunities for collaboration and networking amongst its member associations.
Joining the Secretariat is an initiative CECU integrated into its multi-year strategic plan in order to enhance our government relations and policy efforts and further strengthen relations in the higher education community. As a member of the Secretariat, CECU’s inclusion and engagement will add to the diversity of thought and ideas when considering issues impacting private career education.
“I look forward to working with my Secretariat colleagues to confront existing and future challenges impacting postsecondary education,” said CECU’s President and CEO, Dr. Jason Altmire. “Together, we can foster a more inclusive and diverse higher education community that better serves students and taxpayers.”
Membership to the Secretariat is based on application and by a vote of current members.
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