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CECU Statement on Presidential Election

CECU Statement on Presidential Election

CECU | Career Education Colleges and Universities

Steve Gunderson, president and CEO of Career Education Colleges and Universities, made the following statement regarding the future of higher education in America:
 “Career education colleges and universities have delivered access, opportunities, and outcomes in higher education to millions of Americans for decades, through Democrat and Republican Administrations. This sector will continue to play its important role and perform its job educating students and preparing them for in-demand careers. “In an economy with 11 million unemployed, we need stability in government policies to enable the sector to do what they do best – equip students with new career skills for new jobs. Whether it is regulations or legislation, we seek policies that can stand the test of time – regardless of whether it is a Republican or Democrat administration in power.  We ask that government leaders set aside the ideological battles of the past and seek consensus policies that work, and are fair to all.
“While much has changed in higher education over the past 12 years, the Higher Education Act has not been reauthorized. It is our sincere hope that President-elect Biden and Congressional leaders work together, and with stakeholders across government and higher education, to ensure access and success for students in all sectors. The worst outcome, for the students attending career schools and those looking to acquire in-demand skills, would be for the President to take punitive and restrictive action and limit higher education access. “We are prepared to work with anyone committed to expanding access and opportunity to career education.”
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