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CECU’s Statement on Flawed Public Agenda Report

CECU’s Statement on Flawed Public Agenda Report

Career Education Colleges and Universities (CECU)

CECU’s Statement on Flawed Public Agenda Report
Arlington, VA – The following is CECU’s statement regarding Public Agenda’s report on student experiences at for-profit colleges.
“This dishonest report has skewed the data to arrive at a preferred conclusion. As one example, comparing an entire group consisting of for-profit alumni, current students, and non-completing students to a subgroup consisting only of current community college students is unfair and blatantly biased. Another defect of the methodology is grouping together all types of for-profit institutions — four-year, two-year, and less than two-year — in comparison to two-year community colleges,” said CECU’s President and CEO, Dr. Jason Altmire. “This report was conducted with either flawed methodology or with a purposeful intent to achieve an ideologically driven outcome. Either way, the report is simply not credible. We would welcome a more accurate and statistically valid comparison of institutions in order to engage in a meaningful conversation on how to improve the value of postsecondary education for all students.”
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