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Colleges Extend Remote Instruction

Colleges Extend Remote Instruction

Inside Higher Ed

January 10, 2022
Josh Moody
Colleges that temporarily shifted instruction online due to the surging Omicron variant of the coronavirus now face the question of when to resume in-person learning. For a growing number of institutions, the answer is not yet.
Eight institutions in the University of California system—Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, Merced, Riverside, San Diego and Santa Cruz—all operating remotely, extended those plans to late January, delaying a return to physical classrooms. Duke University and Seattle University, both of which began the semester with online classes, have also announced plans to extend the remote instruction period.
Likewise, multiple schools in the California State University system also announced a late return to in-person classes.
Stanford University announced a one-week extension of online learning for most undergraduate classes, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. Instead of two weeks of online learning, students will now have three weeks.
While multiple California institutions announced these plans last week, Duke University made the move on New Year’s Eve, delaying the end of remote instruction from Jan. 10 to Jan. 18.
“We are trying to minimize the disruption to classes that would be caused by large numbers of students testing positive on return and needing to be isolated for 5-10 days depending on their condition,” Erin Kramer, Duke’s assistant vice president of media relations and public affairs, wrote in an email. “That is why we started online and asked students to delay their arrival back to campus (which is otherwise open).”
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