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Congressman Fred Keller Visits North-West College’s Anaheim Campus

Congressman Fred Keller Visits North-West College’s Anaheim Campus

North-West College

Keller’s Meeting Highlights NWC’s Continued Commitment to Bridging the Nation’s Skills Gap with Well-Trained Health Care Professionals
ANAHEIM, Calif.—On Monday, January 24, Congressman Fred Keller, (R) of Pennsylvania’s 12th District, met with North-West College President Mitchell Fuerst and Executive Committee members at the College’s Anaheim campus. Currently in his second term, Keller also serves on the House of Representatives’ Committee on Education and Labor, which aims to increase educational opportunities for all students.
“We were honored to host Congressman Keller at our Anaheim campus this week,” shared President Fuerst. “It was a great opportunity to show him firsthand the incredible work we are doing here to educate students for success.”
Along with touring the campus, Congressman Keller and members of the College’s leadership team discussed how NWC is continuing to address the widening skills gap in America, and how many employers are struggling to hire individuals with the skills they need. NWC’s response has been to continue to equip students with real world skills to become health care professionals, ready to hit the ground running when they graduate. This issue, which is front and center for North-West College, is also crucial to Mr. Keller and the work he does on the Committee on Education and Labor.
The Committee on Education and Labor oversees federal programs and initiatives dealing with education at all levels—from early childhood programs all the way up to higher education programs and continuing education. Their purpose is to ensure Americans’ needs are addressed so students and workers may move forward in a changing school system and a competitive global economy. This group of legislators has a profound impact on education in America, with the opportunity to shape it for the better for current students and generations to come.
“We know that the answer to the skills gap and so many other challenges facing our nation today lies in higher education,” explained Fuerst. “At NWC, we are firm believers in the fact that quality education changes lives—that’s what we do here every day.”
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