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Demand for grad school isn’t going anywhere. How can you reel students into your programs?

Demand for grad school isn’t going anywhere. How can you reel students into your programs?

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Alcino Donadel
February 27, 2024
Graduate school isn’t an optional preference for many bachelor’s degree holders—it’s a demand. That’s what a recent report from Spark451, a Jenzabar Company, suggests when it found that 64% of undergraduates who began college between four and six years ago are either enrolled in a graduate program now or are seriously considering taking the next step.
Among the 1,400 students surveyed, nearly one-third (32%) were already in a master’s program. Of the 35% who hold a bachelor’s degree and have yet to start a master’s degree, 90% are interested in grad school. The bachelor’s earners’ interest is so immediate that 77% reportedly intend to begin their degree in 12 months or less, and more than half said they plan to start in the next six months.
The survey piles on recent data illustrating the sustained professional benefits of possessing a degree and the current faults with alternative credentials. With upper-level credentials showing promise despite turbulent enrollment figures, here are some insights institutions should be aware of when considering the student perspective.
What is top-of-mind for prospective graduate students?
The report found that 56% of respondents are concerned with the return on investment of their program as the most crucial decision driver. Here is a breakdown of the 10 most significant factors weighing students’ minds.
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