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Florida Career College Cut Off From Federal Student Aid

Florida Career College Cut Off From Federal Student Aid

Inside Higher Ed

Katherine Knott
April 12, 2023
he Education Department’s Office of Federal Student Aid is removing Florida Career College, a for-profit chain with 11 campuses, from the federal financial aid system, the agency announced Tuesday following an investigation that found numerous violations.
The college, which is owned by International Education Corporation, will not be allowed to enroll any new students using federal student aid, though current students will be able to receive aid and continue their programs through Sept. 30 if Florida Career College adheres to several conditions.
Nearly 5,000 students were enrolled in the college’s short-term programs as of late 2022, according to the department.
“Federal Student Aid is holding Florida Career College accountable for taking advantage of some of the most vulnerable students,” FSA chief operating officer Richard Cordray said in a news release. “Despite the school’s actions, they have an opportunity to do right by some of these students.”
The institution will have to make monthly reports to the department, provide an updated teach-out plan along with a letter of credit, and clearly communicate with students about their status and operations to maintain access to federal aid until Sept. 30. If the college doesn’t agree to those conditions, it will lose access to the aid April 30. The college can seek reconsideration of Federal Student Aid’s decision by April 25.
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