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Generative AI presents challenges, opportunities for higher education

Generative AI presents challenges, opportunities for higher education

Atlanta Business Chronicle 

James Ritchie
August 22, 2023
As artificial intelligence tools such as ChatGPT hit the mainstream earlier this year, challenges arose in the education field. One dominant concern about the technology, which can answer questions and generate text responses almost instantaneously, was that it could be used to complete assignments with minimal thought from a student.
But experts say generative AI, when used responsibly, can be a boon to higher learning. Both educators and students will need to adapt to and embrace the technology to thrive in a rapidly changing world.
“Generative AI can help instructors to work more efficiently, enhance online learning and provide students with deeper learning experiences,” said Myk Garn, associate dean for learning systems at Georgia Tech Professional Education (GTPE). These changes could help meet the growing demand for online and hybrid programs and for nondegree credentials.
“Education is facing a lot of headwinds with demographic enrollment reductions leading to pressure to be more efficient and effective,” Garn said. “As the traditional stream of students from high school is dropping, there is increased interest in meeting the needs of adult learners, especially working students.”
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