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Imagine We Are Starting a University Now

Imagine We Are Starting a University Now

Inside Higher Ed

Ray Schroeder
September 21, 2022
In so very many ways, we in higher education have fallen behind business, industry, governments and society as a whole. We are offering programs and products that may have been relevant 50 or a hundred years ago but are not in touch with the society of the fourth industrial revolution. Learners currently are given few forward-thinking, innovative, engaging and relevant opportunities.
It is rare in these days that a new university starts with the opportunity to break the mold of centuries gone by. One of the positive examples is provided by Minerva University, which is recognized as one of the most innovative universities in the world. The Minerva approach is described by the university as “fully active and engaging to improve student learning and retention. Developed from research in the science of learning, students gain foundational skills and transferable knowledge and are continuously provided data-informed feedback through our Forum platform.” Many other innovative practices are described at the website and on their blog.
Imagine for a moment that we are creating a university anew in 2022. What would we change? What would we retain? How would it differ from what students, faculty and staff currently experience? Within some broad topical areas, here are starting points for the discussion.
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