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Nearly 30 percent of professionals say they have used ChatGPT at work

Nearly 30 percent of professionals say they have used ChatGPT at work

The Hill

Jared Gans
January 20, 2023
Almost 30 percent of professional workers say they have used the artificial intelligence software known as ChatGPT while at work.
poll from the publication Fishbowl, which focuses on workplace trends and employee perspectives, found that 27 percent of professionals have used the program to help them with work-related tasks. Pollsters reported that those in the marketing and advertising industry have used it most commonly, with 37 percent saying so.
The AI search tool launched to the public in November and has grown significantly in popularity since then as a free service. A user of the program can type in a question and the tool will respond with an answer in the form of an essay.
ChatGPT’s popularity has led some schools to take steps to ban it to prevent cheating and negative impacts on students learning.
The Fishbowl poll found the tool is most popular among professionals from Generation Z, with 29 percent saying they have used it at work. Members of Generation X followed right behind, with 28 percent having used it, and millennials followed closely behind that, with 27 percent using it.
Pollsters found the tool appears to be more commonly used by men than women, with 30 percent of male professionals and 20 percent of female professionals using it.
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