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Please Consider Speaking During the Negotiated Rulemaking Public Comment Period

Please Consider Speaking During the Negotiated Rulemaking Public Comment Period

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February 9, 2022

Please Consider Speaking During the Negotiated Rulemaking Public Comment Period

CECU strongly encourages all members and other proprietary institutions and stakeholders to consider asking interested persons to speak during the public comment period as part of the upcoming negotiated rulemaking next week. It is imperative that negotiators and Department leadership hear uplifting stories from the sector’s students, graduates, employers, instructors, staff, administrators, education partners, and local community members. Stories that focus on economic and social mobility are incredibly impactful, and remarks incorporating data and research are typically the most persuasive.

The next opportunity to provide public comment is during the second session scheduled for February 14-18. Individuals who wish to speak during the public comment period must register in advance by emailing the Department at Since there is a limited time each day for public comments, individuals who intend to comment should register for their preferred day as soon as possible but no later than 12:00 pm ET on the day of the meeting.

Typically, public comment starts around 3:30 pm ET and concludes around 4:00 pm ET each day. Each commenter is allotted a maximum of three minutes to speak. Commenters will be held in a virtual waiting room until it is their turn to speak. Once commenters are let in, they will be asked to turn their video and audio on. For this reason, it is recommended that commenters be in a quiet place, dress professionally, use a computer, and practice their comments ahead of time if possible.

If you would like to make public comments, CECU would be happy to help you prepare! Reach out to us here if you have a potential commenter we can help guide through the process.

Examples of previous public comments made by students and graduates from CECU member schools are below:


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