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Report: Young People Want to Get to Work Sooner

Report: Young People Want to Get to Work Sooner

Inside Higher Ed

Ashley Mowreader
November 2, 2023
Nondegree pathways are growing in popularity among high school graduates. A new report reveals a gap between students’ knowledge of available opportunities beyond a four-year degree and their interest in skills-based learning.
High school graduates are less inclined to see college as their next step, with recent studies showing preference toward work-based learning or alternate pathways.
January survey from ECMC Group found 35 percent of students do not believe education after high school is necessary, and 63 percent of teens are open to options other than a four-year degree. However, only 13 percent of students feel fully prepared to choose their path after high school.
A white paper from American Student Assistance and Jobs for the Future found opportunities for improved communication and visibility of nondegree options for learners to support career goals.
“We need a way to be able to align skills and interests of our young people with what the world needs,” ASA CEO Jean Eddy says.
The need: The rising cost of higher education presents challenges to high schoolers looking at opportunities after high school; many students and their families do not see a return on investment in paying for a college degree, Eddy says.
“Many Gen Z youth are looking for faster, more economical and more relevant on-ramps to meaningful jobs that offer life-sustaining wages and are aligned to their real interests,” the report says. Six in 10 surveyed teens (61 percent) said they have a career in mind right now.
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