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Sciences Po Bans ChatGPT Amid HE Quality, Integrity Fears

Sciences Po Bans ChatGPT Amid HE Quality, Integrity Fears

University World News

Karen MacGregor
February 3, 2023
Leading French grande école Sciences Po has banned the use of ChatGPT, the new chatbot capable of instantly writing essays, that has sparked consternation in higher education around the world.
Universities globally are scrambling to find ways to respond to the innovation they believe could exacerbate plagiarism and undermine academic quality and integrity.
This week news agencies reported that ChatGPT, developed by American company OpenAI on its family of large language platforms, had topped 100 million monthly active users in January, according to Swiss analysts UBS.
This was just two months after its launch on 30 November 2022, making ChatGPT the fastest growing consumer application in history.
Speaking to University World News, the Council for Higher Education Accreditation in the United States warned that universities and accrediting organizations needed to engage in artificial intelligence (AI) so that it supported – rather than replaced – authentic learning.
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