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Texas bans public colleges’ diversity, equity and inclusion programs

Texas bans public colleges’ diversity, equity and inclusion programs

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Jeremy Bauer-Wolf
June 14, 2023
Texas became the latest state Wednesday to ban diversity, equity and inclusion efforts at its public colleges, in line with a national campaign by conservatives to ax DEI programs they say have drifted from their original intent and into divisive territory.
Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, signed the hot-button legislation enacting the most sweeping higher ed DEI prohibition in the country, according to the bill’s sponsor, state Sen. Brandon Creighton, also a Republican. In greenlighting the law, the Texas Legislature rejected pleas from faculty, DEI employees and students to preserve practices they say lift up the most marginalized populations on college campuses.
College DEI offices in fact first emerged to acknowledge that higher education has not always helped these groups. But Republicans nationwide have derided diversity efforts as discriminatory and tried to end them through legislation. Florida’s governor signed a bill last month outlawing DEI spending in public colleges, the first state to do so.
Creighton, in a statement Wednesday, said Texas colleges’ DEI wings have mandated “political litmus tests” and have not actually advanced diversity.
“With this bold, forward-thinking legislation to eliminate DEI programs, Texas is leading the nation, and ensuring campuses return to focusing on the strength of diversity and promoting a merit-based approach where individuals are judged on their qualifications, skills, and contributions,” Creighton said.
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