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Texas Higher Education Funding Surges To $4.3 Billion

Texas Higher Education Funding Surges To $4.3 Billion

University Herald

Joy Liwanag
March 20, 2024
In a landmark decision, Texas is expected to receive a historic increase in state funding for higher education institutions during the 88th legislative session, according to a national report. This substantial investment, amounting to $4.3 billion, marks a significant milestone in the state’s commitment to strengthening its education sector and fostering academic excellence.
Implications Of Increased Funding
Amidst the backdrop of a 50% reduction in federal funds, the State Higher Education Executive Officers Association has earmarked a staggering $13.7 billion towards higher education for the upcoming 2024 fiscal year. Despite the challenging economic climate and fiscal constraints, Texas has demonstrated its unwavering dedication to advancing higher education accessibility and affordability across the state.
However, this surge in funding comes with certain conditions. The approval of the allocated funds is contingent upon the passage of Senate Bill 17 (SB 17) by the legislature. SB 17, a contentious piece of legislation, aims to prohibit the appointment of diversity, equity, and inclusion officers in public universities. This aspect of the bill has ignited debates regarding its potential impact on campus diversity initiatives and institutional autonomy.
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