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The Next Round of Stimulus Checks Could (Finally) Include College Students

The Next Round of Stimulus Checks Could (Finally) Include College Students


Charlotte West
January 18, 2021
Emily Borchardt is hoping her fortunes have changed — at least by $1,400.
The University of Oregon senior welcomes President-elect Joe Biden’s announcement last week that he plans to extend eligibility for an additional $1,400 stimulus payment to adult dependents, including college students, as part of his $1.9 billion relief plan.
“That would take a huge weight off my dad’s and my shoulders, especially because I’m out of work and we’re not sure when [the economy] is gonna open up again,” she says.
The 21-year-old was barely getting by before the pandemic hit, balancing a full-time class load and multiple part-time jobs, until she was laid off in March. Since then, she’s struggled to pay her bills.
While most Americans have received two rounds of federal stimulus checks totaling $1,800, some dependents like Borchardt were left out of the pandemic relief payments completely. College students aged 18-24, along with other adult dependents and all 17-year-olds, were ineligible for the stimulus checks. Rough estimates indicate that more than 8 million undergraduate students missed out on the two stimulus checks due to their dependent status. Neither they, nor the parent or taxpayer who claimed them, received any money.

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