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The unintended consequences of a Title IX rule delay

The unintended consequences of a Title IX rule delay
Bianca Quilantan
May 23, 2022
UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES — Education Secretary Miguel Cardona plans to unveil his proposed Title IX rule in June, a two-month delay from the Biden administration’s plan to release the rule in April.
“The Department is taking the time necessary to ensure that schools are providing students with educational environments free from discrimination,” a department spokesperson said in a statement on Friday.
— Further delaying a proposed rule means former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ rule will stay in effect longer. The rule, say advocates and Title IX investigators, has exacerbated students’ wait times, which can be months or years, for resolutions to complaints. And its court-like hearings and narrower definition of sexual harassment have deterred many students from filing formal Title IX complaints — a fear advocates expressed when DeVos first unveiled her rule.
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