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What to know about Walberg’s education priorities

What to know about Walberg’s education priorities


Bianca Quilatan
December 19, 2022
WALBERG’S PRIORITIES — As head of House Education and Labor, Rep. Tim Walberg would expect to prioritize school choice, address learning loss and bolster the rights of parents in education, according to the Michigan congressman’s office.
— Walberg is challenging Rep. Virginia Foxx for the House Education and Labor gavel despite news that Foxx — the current ranking member — is eligible to enter the race. Contested races won’t be resolved until after the House speaker’s race is settled, likely on Jan. 3. Both Foxx and Walberg will likely give a presentation to the Republican Steering Committee about how they would lead the panel before the chairmanship decision is made.
— Your host has written about Foxx’s priorities before, which includes aggressive oversight of the Biden administration’s student loan relief program and on how K-12 Covid relief dollars have been spent. Here’s what we know about a Walberg-led education committee:
— Walberg’s priorities are similar to Foxx’s. They line up with the GOP’s “Commitment to America” agenda, and also put school choice and parental rights at the top of the list. The congressman’s office said that he would want to ensure there is oversight on the administration’s actions on student loans and Title IX, and pandemic-related school closures and the use of Covid-19 funds. Student privacy protection is also on Walberg’s list.
— The congressman is also known for being a champion of career and technical education, apprenticeship programs and pathways for students beyond a four-year degree.
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