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What You Need to Know: Democrats’ Latest Spending Spree

What You Need to Know: Democrats’ Latest Spending Spree

Committee on Education & Labor 

Washington DC

July 27, 2021

Yet again, Democrats are attempting to ram through a massive spending package that balloons the national debt and the left-wing agenda in one fell swoop.

Here’s what you need to know about the horrible education and labor provisions in the Fiscal Year 2022 Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act:

Labor Provisions:

 Emboldens federal bureaucrats. The bill drastically increases funding for the Department of Labor (DOL) by $2.2 billion, providing $14.7 billion in taxpayer money to help bankroll new and burdensome regulations on business owners.

➢ Assures overzealous government actions against businesses. The bill earmarks $2.1 billion for excessive and punitive DOL enforcement actions targeting businesses and entrepreneurs around the country.

 Abolishes protections for small farms and businesses. The bill eliminates the longstanding provision exempting small farms and businesses with 10 or fewer employees from OSHA enforcement. Since 1976, Congress has included this provision in annual appropriations legislation.

➢ Rigs union elections. The bill directs the National Labor Relations Board to develop a system and procedures to conduct union elections electronically. This scheme, which is barred under current law, would undermine worker rights by making union elections much more susceptible to outside interference and coercion.

Education Provisions:

➢ Mortgages our children’s future on duplicative, unnecessary, and unconstitutional programs. On top of nearly $300 billion in COVID aid already provided, this bill increases the Education Department’s budget by 41 percent.

➢ Strips resources from public school students. This proposal punishes public school students by threatening charter schools’ access to Title I and IDEA funding.

➢ Gives taxpayer dollars to illegal immigrants. The bill forces hardworking taxpayers to foot the bill for non-citizens’ tuition costs and other federal program benefits.

➢ Harms educational opportunities for low-income students and veterans. This bill places ineffective financial restrictions solely on for-profit colleges. This overreach will limit learning opportunities for low-income students and veterans.

➢ Delivers a blow to jobseekers. Prevents the Department of Labor from increasing apprenticeship opportunities through the Industry Recognized Apprenticeship Programs, which offer on-the-job learning opportunities, particularly in nursing.

Bottom Line: 

This bill uses taxpayer money to target small businesses and threaten workers’ rights through heavy-handed government interference. It also takes away choice and opportunity for American students and workers.


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